Once Upon a Time

1. The Magick Butterfly  The Butterfly, Irish Slip-Jig (4:43)

2. The Wizard  Pastorelle, adapted from a 13th century trouvere song (3:49)

3. The Well of Enchantment  The Night is Past and Gone, a melody from Doyle's Music of Ireland (3:54)

4. The Sudden Appearance of Oberon     The King of the Fairies, Irish Set Dance (2:45)

5. Moonlit Revels of the Gypsy Queen  La Romanesca, 16th Century French Dance (4:42)

6. The Amulet  Cantiga No. 353, from the court of Alfonso X (4:48)

7. Procession of Sages and Warriors  Lauda, adapted from a 13th Century Norman penitential chant (2:32)

8. Burley Mariners  The Rights of Man, Celtic hornpipe (2:50)

9. The Princess Royal  morris dance adapted from Turlough O'Carolan (3:29)

10. The King's Quest  Cantiga No. 166, Como Poden, from the court of Alfonso X (4:27)

11. The Enchantment of the Fairies  The Star of Munster, traditional Irish reel (2:51)

12. Lament  Kilcash, Irish lament for the fall of the house of Ormond (3:29)

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